Reneesha Mccoy | Artist 

Reneesha also known as rnwulf is a self taught North 
Carolina based Artist. After the birth of her son Reneesha
started creating art full time in 2019. 

A principle theme in Reneesha's work is 
her celebration of the consequence of 
life and nature in relation to the female 
body. She uses her personal experience 
to highlight the internal and external 
effects of childbirth particularly the 
physical changes that occur from 

To express these raw emotions Reneesha works in 
different mediums including acrylic, oil, pencil, colored
pencil, and oil pastels. Within her artwork you'll
notice expressive colors, gestural lines, and the female 
anatomy often depicted in abstract ways to express 
inclusion and the disparities between the mental and 
physical thoughts concerning the body.

Reneesha often explores and showcases her own 
perception of life based on personal affects of loss,
pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and physical
postpartum changes.
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